The Top Best Robot Lawn Mowers

1: Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310 – Best in All Robot Lawn Mowers

We’ve already featured a few of Husqvarna robot lawn mowers on this list. They’re getting a reputation for being a number of the foremost efficient, connectable, and easy-to-use robot lawn mowers on the market. The Husqvarna Auto mower 310 sits nicely within the middle of their range, designed for yards 1 / 4 of an acre or smaller. It also can work on slopes up to 22º, which is impressive for a robotic lawn mower at this price.

Like all robot lawnmowers, it’s guided by hidden boundary wires. This mower knows the way to navigate within the space and automatically returns home when it needs charging. You’ll control it using the Connect Home app, which allows you to line and adjust until your mower’s schedule is ideal. The Bluetooth connectivity works up to 100-feet. Plus, it’s quiet enough to run in the dark, so you don’t need to worry about waking your neighbors up.

Key Features:

  • For yards up to ¼ acre
  • Inclines up to 22º
  • Connect@Home app
  • Bluetooth up to 100-feet
  • Backed by a two-year warranty


  • Brand: Husqvarna
  • Model: Automower 310
  • Weight: 20.3 pounds

2: WORX WR140 Landroid M 20V – Best Robot Lawn Mowers

One of the drawbacks of owning a machine (any machine) is that the number of hoops you’ve got to leap through to urge it to work. Some devices accompany manuals. But these are sometimes difficult to know, meaning that you simply take an extended time setting it up and will even hand over in frustration halfway through. This is often an experience you’ll never need to face with the WORX WR140 Landroid M 20V Robotic mower. Which doesn’t present you with hoops to leap through. The mower is straightforward to line up with convenient steps laid out for you to urge it up and running. And once you are doing this, there’s no turning back. This super-smart robot lawnmower can study your lawn and can, after a while, suggest optimal schedules supported the dimensions of your yard.

Additionally, the WORX WR140 Landroid mower can hack to ¼ of an acre, and with its steady work rate. It ensures that naturally fertilizes your land. If you’re unsatisfied with the recommended mowing schedule that began by the mower. You’ll always adjust it to your liking with the assistance of the mobile app, which is straightforward and convenient to use. Not only that, but the app also allows you to regulate the robot mower to try to your bidding remotely.

Beyond that, it also comes with a move edge feature that permits the device to chop closer to your lawn’s border, which, in turn, leaves you with little or no work to try to once the mower is completed with the yard. Robot lawnmowers aren’t cheap, which is why the safety feature on the WORX WR140 Landroid M is so appealing. It contains a ‘find my Landroid’ module that alerts you on when the machine is leaving its designated area in cases of theft.

Key Features:

  • For yards up to 0.25 acres
  • Inclines up to 20º
  • ‘Find my Landroid’ security feature
  • Cuts closer to lawn border
  • Rain sensor


  • Brand: WORX
  • Model: WR140
  • Weight: 42.2 pounds

3: Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic Lawn Mower

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We have already discussed the Husqvarna Automower and every one the superb features it brings to the table and the way it can maintain your lawn better than most humans can. While this isn’t the precise same product and it comes with many similar features. And this is often why the Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic mower is additionally worth a punt. Cheaper than its sister device. The Husqvarna Automower 115H brings with it a top-quality that can’t be found in only any lawnmower. It works quietly, making it suitable for night work. And it doesn’t emit any fumes which will be classed as dangerous. Besides, you’re in total control of the robot lawnmower with the facility of the app. Which allows you to tweak the cutter’s schedule easily.

It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which may work from a variety of a few 100ft supplying you with the liberty to regulate your mower from anywhere within the house. On top of this, the mower’s movements are guided by invisible boundary wires that confirm it doesn’t transcend the designated area. And it can even take itself back to its charging station to be charged. The manufacturer tacked a two-year guarantee for residential use on this machine, making it less of a risk to get for your home.

Key Features:

  • For yards up to 0.4 acres
  • Inclines up to 17º
  • Bluetooth works at 100ft
  • Quiet operation
  • Guided by hidden boundary wires
  • Connect@Home app


  • Brand: Husqvarna
  • Model: Automower® 115H
  • Weight: 20.7 pounds

4: GARDENA 4069 R80Li – Best Robotic Lawn Mower

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A great remote mower shouldn’t only keep your grass perfectly trimmed. It should eliminate all the work for you by shredding the grass so finely because it mows. That rather than raking up the cuttings. The small bits of grass fall to the bottom giving your lawn the simplest sort of natural fertilizer which can make the new growth such a lot lusher. It comes with a simple to put in boundary wire so your mower will know exactly which area needs its attention.

The GARDENA 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower does just that. Your lawn is going to be so lavishly green, it’ll softer than a thick pile carpet in your home. This autonomous mower runs on a lithium-ion battery which is long-lasting and energy-efficient. It’s also emission-free so it’s great for the environment too. When the battery starts to lose its power. The mower automatically goes back to the charger until the battery power is fully charged and prepared to urge to figure again. If you would like to clear the leaves before you switch on the mower, inspect our guide to the simplest leaf blowers.

Key Features:

  • For yards up to eight, 611 sq. ft.
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Cutting Height of 0.7″ to 2″
  • Low noise and emission-free
  • Works within the rain


  • Brand: Gardena
  • Model: 4069
  • Weight: 16.5 pounds

5: Top Best Robomow RS630 Robotic Mower

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The Robomow RS630 maybe a high-end robot lawnmower that will handle larger yards (up to ¾ acre). Powered by a 26V lithium battery. It can run around 80-100 minutes no end and takes around 90-110 minutes to charge. However, those times are just estimates and will change over time. We wouldn’t pay an excessive amount of attention to the charging times though, because the Robomow RS630 takes care of itself. If you’ve got an outsized yard. It’ll be set to mow almost constantly, taking itself back to the docking station whenever it must charge. Your yard is going to be more sort of golf links with this amazing little tool.

The Robomow RS630 has been around for a few years but they’ve been updating the app and smart home capabilities. This new model is Alexa-enabled, so you’ll tell it to chop your grass by voice command. Plus, the My Robomow app has been improved with amazing management features and alerts. If you’re trying to find the right robot mower for giant yards. The Robomow RS630 is that the thanks to going.

Key Features:

  • For yards up to ¾ acre
  • 26V lithium battery
  • Runs for 80-100 minutes
  • Automatically returns to a docking station
  • Alexa-enabled
  • My Robomow app


  • Brand: Robomow
  • Model: RS630
  • Weight: 86.3 pounds

6: Top Best Robomow RS612 Robot mower

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The Robomow RS612 Robotic mower is a great value because it practically does the work of two machines. Not only will it mow your lawn to absolute perfection, but its unique edge mode technology also will trim most of your edges. The broader cutting width also means it’ll get the mowing job done faster so you’ll specialize in enjoying life rather than wasting your valuable free time on endless chores.

When it involves mowing, this tiny smart home device is incredibly powerful and sturdy so it can easily mow even the foremost overgrown lawns and it’ll roll in the hay quietly so you’ll relax during a nice shady spot in your yard with a chilly drink. When it detects all the grass is all at the peak you’ve got programmed it for, it quietly returns to its base and switches itself off. This is often a requirement that has an automatic mower for the super busy person or those with better things to try to.

Key Features:

  • Flexible installation options and smartphone control.
  • Unique edge mode and wide cutting for faster mowing.
  • Powerful, yet quiet.
  • Able to mow high grass.
  • Automatic cut when mowing is completed.
  • Can cover 1/4 Acres of the yard.


  • Brand: Robomow
  • Model: RS612
  • Weight: 81.3 pounds

7: Top Best Robomow RS622 Robotic Mower

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For larger yards, you can’t look past the Robomow RS622 Robotic mower. No more watching your precious weekend flash stock a blur of chores, this mower is often controlled from your smartphone so you’ll keep an eye fixed thereon while fishing, playing golf, or relaxing by the pool at some faraway exotic resort. It’s rather wider than standard mower and with a Smartmow feature, this mower is ideal for getting the work done faster. Built to last, this robot mower will keep your grass lush and trimmed and is right for larger yards of up to half an acre.

Like other Robomow mowers, it’s an inbuilt sensor so it’ll send itself back to its base if it starts to rain then back to figure again when the weather is suitable again. Slight slopes and inclines of up to 35% also are no problem for this robust mower and it also can handle thicker and longer grass if needed. This also makes an excellent gift for gardeners.

Key Features:

  • Robust and agile.
  • Full control of your smartphone!
  • Up to 10% faster area coverage!
  • Programmed to guard itself against rain.
  • Ideal for yards up to 1/2 an acre.


  • Brand: Robomow
  • Model: RS622
  • Weight: 87 pounds

8: Top Best Robomow RX20 Robot Mower

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The Robomow RX20 is one of the best-loved robot lawn mowers on the market. It’s the mid-range option in Robomow’s RX range, which suggests it doesn’t have all of an equivalent premium feature because the high-end models, but we still think it’s one among the simplest options on the market. It’s particularly well-suited to small and medium-sized gardens with complex shapes. Because of its smart navigation system and little seven-inch cutting width, it can fit down narrow paths, negotiate tree stumps, and far more. You’ll find that, during this environment, the Robomow RX20 outperforms the competition. It’s designed for yards up to 2,180 sq. ft. and inclines up to eight .5º.

One of the items we love about the Robomow RX20 is that it’s Alexa-enabled. It can join your smart home ecosystem, allowing you to program it by voice commands alone. Or, you’ll control the mower using the smartphone app or web app. The setup process is quick and painless. All you’ve got to try to do is peg wire around the perimeters of your mowing area and set a weekly mowing schedule. It’s also got a built-in rain sensor, reduced background level, and safety system. We expect the Robomow RX20 is that the ideal first robot lawnmower.

Key Features:

  • For yards up to 2,180 sq. ft.
  • Inclines up to eight .5º
  • Seven-inch cutting width
  • Alexa-enabled
  • Smartphone and web app


  • Brand: Robomow
  • Model: RX20
  • Weight: 27.9 pounds

Top Best Robot Lawn Mowers Buying Guide and FAQs

How We Chose Our Selection of Robot Lawn Mowers

Quality – the simplest robotic mower is one that’s built to last. Yard work is tough work so we checked out mowers that are robust and may handle continuous use over long periods. An honest quality mower will see your lawn neat and tidy for several years, especially if you check it from time to time and alter the blades when necessary.

Reviews – We checked the robotic mower reviews on dozens of web sites in our search of the simplest models so you do not have too. Word of mouth has always been an efficient tool for consumers and now, because of the web, we will get away broader insight into the products we would like to shop for. There are no better thanks to checking products reliably than to read the reviews of individuals who have already got some experience with the merchandise.

Brand – We stayed far away from cheap and inferior imitations and checked out the brands that have a world reputation for manufacturing superior quality machines. The brands in our guide are reliable and known for thorough internal control.

Price – the typical battery-powered mower isn’t exactly cheap but we checked the simplest models during a sort of price ranges. The worth varies counting on things like warranty periods, special features and therefore the size of the yard it’s capable of mowing. At the top of the day, it’s better to pay a touch more for a reliable quality machine to avoid frequent repairs and replacements within the future.

Top Best Features to seem For in Robot mower

Ease-of-Use – The initial found out of your battery-powered mower may take a touch of your time because you’ll either got to install a boundary or perimeter wire, or configure your property’s boundary into the mower’s GPS navigation. But once you are doing this, you want to be ready to sit back and relax with minimal effort required on your part. We chose models that need a touch little bit of add fixing once you first bring your mower home, on the other hand, you would like to let the mower do its job while you simply check thereon once during a while.

Quality of Cut – this is often the entire purpose of buying any mower but especially with robot lawn mowers, you would like a model that shreds the grass cuttings into fine particles that stay the bottom and act as a natural fertilizer which will promote a lusher greener lawn. You don’t need to possess to run after your mower to discover the cuttings. Furthermore, you would like a consistent cut of your lawn so that it’s impeccable all the time.

Slope – Okay, so your automatic mower won’t climb mountains, but if you reside on a bigger property, the likelihood is that you do not have a flat yard. While most automatic mowers can handle slight inclines or slopes it’s still an honest idea to see for a model of mower which will handle any slope or incline you’ve got on your property to form sure it’ll do the work right for your whole yard.

Smart Perimeter Control – counting on the brand and model of robotic mower you select to shop for, your mower will either have GPS so you’ll be ready to program the mower to only mow the lawn within the boundary of your yard, or your mower will accompany a fringe sensitive wire that you simply will place around your yard and secure with pegs or staples. Either way, you’ll make certain that your mower won’t be crossing into your neighbor’s territory.

Best robot lawn mowers on the green grass

Safety – Kids are naturally curious and it only takes a second of distraction and you’ll miss seeing those stepping into all kinds of trouble, and animals might want to attack this foreign intruder that’s running around the yard. While it is often best to stay the youngsters and pets far away from any sort of mower, the simplest robot mower should have a security feature that automatically stops the blades from spinning the instant the mower is picked up or flipped over.

Price – it is often natural to require to save lots of money but at the top of the day, you get what you buy. The old-fashioned mower may be a lot cheaper, but it involves you pushing it to urge the mowing done. The value of your robotic mower will depend upon the dimensions of your yard, the sort of grass you’ve got and therefore the features you would like or need. Of course, your budget is additionally a crucial consideration too. Its simple economics to decide what you’re prepared to pay and also get as many of the features you would like.

Top Best Robot mower FAQs

Q: What’s a Robot Lawn Mower?

A: The only thanks to describing a robot mower is that it’s an autonomous robot that has been specifically designed to mow your lawn. All it takes maybe a bit of programming and therefore the robotic mower will automatically and periodically do the remainder of the diligence for you.

Q: How Often Should I exploit a Robotic Lawn Mower?

A: How often you employ your robotic mower will depend upon many factors. The primary one being the sort of grass you’ve got and therefore the height you favor your grass to be. Confine mind that some sorts of grass grow faster than others and every one grass will most definitely grow a touch faster over the hotter months of the year. You’ll program a schedule into your mower and it’ll automatically begin to figure accordingly, but many mowers also accompany an override feature so you’ll catch on working if your grass needs an earlier mowing.

Some manufacturers recommend allowing your mower to try to do its job every day as this may keep your grass at a uniform height making it easier to take care of and searching pristine a day of the week.

Q: Am I able to Use a Robot mower While It Rains?

A: Some models of robot mower work perfectly well altogether weather which includes rain. This is often a requirement have feature if you reside in a neighborhood known for its frequent showers. Fortunately, albeit your mower isn’t compatible with wet weather mowing, it should still accompany a sensor that will send it back to its base when it detects rain. The convenience of this is often that either way, you do not necessarily get to sit around reception to stay an eye fixed on your mower.

Q: Do I want to shop for Any Accessories for My Robotic Mower?

A: Some makes and models of robotic mower accompany everything you would like to line up and install your mower and obtain it working immediately. Other models require some accessories to be purchased like the perimeter wire and staples. Check the specifications to ascertain what, if any, accessories are going to be necessary to be purchased before you opt which mower you would like to shop for.

Q: Am I able to Control Robot mower remotely?

A: Smart technology is everywhere lately. We will operate and control numerous of our modern conveniences using our smartphones just like the heating in our homes or opening garage doors before we get home. Some brands and models of robot mower also cash in of this technology so you’ll control your mower remotely with the utilization of your smartphone. This can be a very useful feature if you’re at work, on vacation, or just not reception while your mower is operational.

Q: How Long Do Robotic mower Batteries Last?

A: Once the robotic mower batteries are fully charged they ought to be ready to mow your lawn for love or money from 60 to 90 minutes. Some models may even have an extended mowing time. This, of course, depends on the mower you’ve got, the sort of grass you’ve got, and the way level your grounds are. In terms of the anticipation of the batteries, they average about 2 years. The factors that determine the battery’s life are the dimensions and sort of yard you’ve got, frequency of use, and therefore the sort of mower you own.

Q: Does a Robot Recognize Obstacles and Objects On the Lawn?

A: Most of the newer robot mowers have sensors that recognize or detect obstacles and objects on the lawn and can, in most cases, simply go around them. However, some smaller objects, like small branches or fruit from trees, etc., might not be detected and therefore the mower will simply mow over them. While this is often not a drag for the mower, if you’ve got harder objects like branches or pine cones that regularly fall on your lawn, it is a good idea to rake them up and take away them before the mower is in motion. Again, it isn’t such an enormous problem for the mower, but it could end in you want to change the blades with a touch more frequency.

Q: If I do not Have a Fence, How Will a Robotic mower “Know” Where the sides of My Yard Are?

A: The perimeter control features of a robotic mower will keep your mower working only in your yard. Counting on the make and model of your mower, it’ll either accompany GPS technology which will be programmed into your mower so it “knows” when to prevent at your property’s boundary or, your mower will accompany a fringe wire which can send a sign to your mower to not go any longer. If you opt to share your robot mower with a neighbor or loved one, confine mind that you simply will get to change the coordinates if you’ve got a mower with GPS, but it is a lot more complicated and inconvenient if your mower uses a fringe wire to regulate its movement.

Robot mower Conclusion

Whichever way you check out yard maintenance it is sensible to think about buying a robot mower. Our working lives mean that a lot of folks leave quite early within the morning and return home late within the day. Having a robot mower will offer you a superior looking lawn, it will, most significantly, release your weekends for the activates that make life worth living like spending precious time with family, playing a sport, or maybe taking a brief, weekend vacation.

We hope this guide will assist you to choose the simplest robot mower for your yard and allow you to get with the intense business of enjoying your free time.

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